Turn your fintech startup into a media company.

In today's content-driven world, having just tech isn't enough. Your startup needs to be media-driven.

Our team partners with B2B fintech startups to create content that builds brand awareness, trust, and generates hype.

AI is great for most (but not all) things. Which is why we scale startups with 100% raw, human content.

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Build a brand. Raise money. Attract customers.

Two questions. Who’s your audience? And – What do they want?

In a world where everything is media, we partner with early-stage startups on creating media products that create lasting impact. No BS SEO tactics, just pure brand journalism and stunning content created by humans for humans.

From company movies to narrative non-fiction podcasts to customer testimonials to branding – we focus on creating stunning content that helps your startup get clients, attract investment, and get noticed.

Build a community. Lead the conversation.

Podcast Production

Concept, ideation, research

Pre and post-production

Narrative podcasts, interviews, roundtables

Optimizing your entire content strategy around the show

Brand Publication & SEO

High-quality backlinking


Bespoke Blog Content Creation


Thought Leadership

C-Level / Employees

For the blog or LinkedIn

Monthly interviews, transcription

Customer testimonials (videos, PDFs case studies)

Reach out

Word of mouth.

“Serge and his team's creativity has been instrumental in attracting new clients and securing significant funding from leading UK VCs.”

Cristina Munteanu

Chief Operational Officer, Silverbird

“Whether you need a dynamic blog, engaging online magazine, captivating podcast, or impactful social media content for your company, Byline is your go-to.”

Jekaterina Orlova

Chief of Staff at Stenn Technologies, formerly Skype, Microsoft, Deloitte.

“Byline's efforts have catapulted Silverbird to new heights in SEO success and supercharged our most ambitious marketing campaigns. I wholeheartedly endorse them."

Michael Lorenzos

Fintech & E-commerce Growth Expert

The cost of a full-time Head of Content.
The power of a full-service creative agency.

Meet seasoned experts in the content game. Journalists, writers, producers, content strategists drawn from the best media companies, startups, and production agencies.

Equipped with insights, proven methodologies, deep expertise and experience, we're poised to elevate your brand and drive impactful results.

Serge Faldin

Writer, podcaster, content advisor for fintech startups.

Ed Wise

Award-winning writer, editor, growth marketer.

Sonny Vadgama

ex-BBC producer, documentary filmmaker.

Rozi Ghazaryan

SEO-expert, backlinking magician, growth expert.

Rachel Williamson

Journalist, producer, host, researcher.

Julian A. Rodriguez

Sound engineer, post-production producer.